How to Change the Status of a Prospect

June 12, 2022

    How to Change the Status of a Prospect:


    1. Begin by typing in your browser.

           2. Sign in to your account. 

    Sign In Page

          3. Click the Campaign Icon on the left side of the webpage and drop down to Prospects List.

    OutReachBin Campaign Page

          4. You will see Status, Campaign, and Email.

          5. Under Status, click Change Status.

    OutReachBin Campaign List Page

          6. A Pop-up called Change Prospect Status will appear. Use the drop-down tab to change the status of your prospect.

          7. When you drop down you have the option to choose ACTIVE, UNSUBSCRIBED, REPLIED, BOUNCED, NOT TRACKED.

    OutReachBin Prospect Status Page

          8. Once you have changed the status of your prospect, press Yes.

          9. The prospect has changed.

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