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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I need to enable email warm up?
If your domain and email are new, we suggest warming up your email for 4-6 weeks before you start sending out cold email campaigns. That doesn't means it's okay to stop warm up after those 6 weeks, in reality AutoWarmUp becomes your forever companion ensuring your emails land in the inbox each campaign. Keeping it active means you have control, assurance and your reputation is being monitored, maintained and even improved over time.
How many emails can I connect?
We do not limit the amount of emails you connect! So you can connect 10, or 200 or 1500 what we do limit is how many warm up emails are sent per day from each email address.
Can I connect my Custom SMTP or the GSuite?
We support Gsuite, personal gmail as well as Custom SMTPs as well!
How many emails are in your system and is it all bots?
We are a peer to peer warm up system, that means each user that enrolls is added to the network. Each email compounds the networks reach leading to thousands of real businesses warming up each others email addresses and domains over time.
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